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Hiroshi Ishiguro Laboratories: Lab Tours

We offer a free tour of our laboratories specifically for scholars and undergraduates who are interested in our research. Please note that our tour is not open to the public.

Upcoming Tour Dates

   Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided to cancel the Lab Tours.
   Thank you for your understanding.

Tour Description
   Studies on human-likeness & humanlike presence using teleoperated androids and autonomous conversational androids

# Tour dates and available robots are subject to change without notice.

To request a tour reservation, please email us with the information laid out below at least two weeks prior to the tour date.

   1. Desired tour date :
   2. Name (first, last) :
   3. Gender (Mr. / Ms.) :
   4. Organization / Affiliation :
   5. Grade level :
   6. Current research theme :
   7. Reason for wishing to tour our lab / research at ATR which you are interested in :
   8. Contact details (email address and cell phone no.) :
   9. Number of visitors :
   10. Language (Japanese or English) :
   *If you are interested in a career at ATR, please also attach a description of a desired research theme and your CV
   along with the email.

Contact address for applications and queries :