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Geminoid Research Group (GE Group)

The Geminoid Research Group not only conducts scientific research about the effects of the interaction between humans and Geminoid, an android robot that resembles a human, but also, it pursues applied research to develop a global innovation market in which the virtual and real worlds fuse together. Moreover, the Geminoid Research Group expands collaborative research in a wide range of industries and applications such as Robot Art, Robot Theater, Android Clerk and futuristic robots.

Leader : Hiroshi Ishiguro

Member : Takashi Minato, Christian Penaloza, Kurima Sakai, Xiqian Zheng, Takahisa Uchida, Yoshiki Ohira, Yuuka Arai, Tomo Funayama, Yuichiro Yoshikawa, Kohei Ogawa, Maryam Alimardani

Teleoperated Interaction Research Group (TI Group)

The Teleoperated Interaction Research Group implements remote interaction technologies such as Geminoid, Telenoid, or Elfoid, in order to pursue new principles of human-robot interaction that contribute to the creation of jobs, burden reduction of caregivers or prevention of dementia of elderly or disabled people.

Leader : Hiroshi Ishiguro

Member : Shuichi Nishio, Takashi Minato, Christian Penaloza, Marco Norskov, Maryam Alimardani

Presence Media Research Group (PM Group)

The Presence Media Research Group makes use of presence media technologies such as Hugvie, a cushion with a minimalistic human-shape design that transmits human presence, that integrate tactile information and remote conversation in order to improve the interaction and reduce stress. With the collaboration of the industry consortium, this technology aims to create new business areas such as remote counseling.

Leader : Hidenobu Sumioka

Member : Takashi Minato, Keshumiri Soheil, Aya Nakae, Junya Nakanishi

Sound Environment Intelligence Research Group (SI Group)

The Sound Environment Intelligence Research Group aims on developing the basis technology of a sound environment intelligence system, which is able to identify and understand the meanings of multiple sounds (including speech) in the 3D space, and make use of this intelligence to develop new sound interfaces. Current research topics include: 3D sound activity detection by environment sensors, extraction of verbal and non-verbal information conveyed by speech, generation of human-like motion in a humanoid robot, tele-presence robot system by making use of sound environment intelligence, and 3D sound map generation by a mobile robot.

Leader : Carlos T. Ishi

Member : Chaoran Liu, Xinyue Li, Ajibo Chinenye Augustine, Ryusuke Mikata, Taiken Shintani, Jun Arai, Jani Even