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Collaboration with Artists

Android research cannot be completely described within only the field of robotics. Geminoids and Telenoids are intended to interact with people; therefore, they can only exist within the context of relating to others. Likewise, research involving androids from its inception has dealt with the philosophical question of why people exist. In order to confront such questions, we think that not only knowledge of engineering and science, but also of philosophy and art, is necessary. Conversely, it is possible that some problems which up until now have only been explored by philosophers and artists will become available to engineers and scientists through the use of androids.

Currently, we are working to increase collaboration with various artists and philosophers. For example, working with theatre director, Hirata Oriza, we were able to conduct the first play in the world using androids, “Sayonara” (“Goodbye”). It seemed that, in the world of stage art, Geminoid F could perform very much like a human. This is because both humans and androids are completely controlled by the play’s director. The play “Sayonara”, in which it becomes difficult to distinguish humans from androids, hints that androids can perform like humans with real flesh and blood.